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Delfoo Fresh is one of the online ordering and delivery platform in Vadodara City and Surat City to deliver Fresh Vegetables and Fruits at your doorstep by just sitting at your home, office, hostel, college, hospital etc.

  • Customers are on the advantage of ordering either online at fresh.delfoo.com or call us on 8000226666.
  • Having access to Delfoo Fresh, which is easy to navigate, informative and user friendly, you can access lot of information about the various types of Vegetables & Fruits. Most importantly, you will find the best price of all products as compare to Market Price or other stores.
  • Best quality of Vegetables & Fruits.
  • You do not have to visit different places and free yourself from all these chaos. You can cut down much of your time by getting your order deliver by us. The same spare time can be utilize to perform other important task or to enjoy with family and friends.
  • You can completely avoid yourself from traffic chaos!
  • Reach out to more number of suppliers just at your fingertips.
  • Flexibility of ordering in advance by scheduling your delivery time table.
    1. You place your order either on our website fresh.delfoo.com  or call us on 8000226666.
    2. We confirm your order by call.
    3. We collect Fresh Vegetables & Fruits next day.
    4. And we deliver to you.

    • Our staff at Delfoo Fresh, takes keen interest on satisfying our customer by considering their needs and quality of products by reaching out at every doorstoop of Vadodara & Surat City. You name a place and we deliver your happiness!
    • We deliver BEST QUALITY Vegetables & Fruits.

    Delfoo Fresh covers Vegetables and Fruits of all kinds and types including Regular quality, Organic quality and Exotic quality where each one can satisfy their needs and requirements. 

    Placing an Order

    1. Call us on our Support Number 8000226666 which is open to customers from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm seven days a week. Customer executive at above number will help you place an order quickly.
    2. Log onto our website fresh.delfoo.com.

    Step:1 Subscribe yourself to be the member of Delfoo Fresh. Log in by clicking on White colored “Log In” icon on the right top corner of the screen.

    Step:2 After log in, you may explore desired Vegetable or Fruit by texting relevant keyword in the search bar provided in your “My Account” page.


    Step:3 Select the product of your choice and drop in the food cart.

    Step:4 Confirm your order and then we will receive your order.

    Step:5 You will receive email or SMS notification about your order and you can TRACK your order status in “Track My Order”.

    Step:6 Make your payment to delivery staff on order arrival by Cash.

    If you wish to change your order, you need to contact our executive on 8000226666 to make changes into your order before some specific time/delivery time and date where if applicable the changes in order will be made.

    If you want to cancel an order, you may have to confirm with our customer executive on 8000226666 whether the order can get cancel or not. It depends on that present situation where you have to speak to our executive and the final decision lies on Delfoo Fresh only.

    Managing My Account

    Visit our website, www.fresh.delfoo.com. In the home page hit on “Sign Up” soft button and register yourself up to avail membership benefits absolutely free.

    If you are already using Delfoo Services then you can use the same account for Delfoo Fresh.

    When you try to log in yourself and failed several times, then click on “Forgotten Password”. Provide us your registered email address to recover/reset your username and password to be seen in your given e-mail.

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